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9th April 2003
  • Heres some pictures of the strange Dreamcast Karaoke unit, Drikara. Before you start scouring e-bay though, songs have to be downloaded online; it doesn't work with Karaoke CDs. You get charged for the number of songs too...

    • The packaging. Sonic sings too. It has a 4000 Yen price label on it, less than 30...

    • The box
    • The contents, l-r software disk and microphone stickers, microphone with Dreamcast logo, AV loop through, manual and song list.

    • The contents
    • Back of the unit itself. The modem/bba plugs into the Drikara unit, and there are AV and mains loop though connectors.

    • The back
    • Front of the unit itself, standard Karaoke fare. The case is similar to the Dreamcast Zip disk prototypes.

    • The front
    • In action. Reminds me of the Mega-CD, nice but clunky looking.

    • In action
    • Back of the setup. The mains loop through means it will only work with 110v Dreamcasts, the AV loop through only carries composite video and stereo audio.

    • The back setup

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